About us

Het Wol Feetje

Het Wol Feetje likes to take you into our soft fairytale woolen world. A world where you can marvel at the changing of the seasons, you can get lost among the tall grass and where a caterpillar comes to say hello as you float by on your bubble. Each painting tells a new magical story in wool.

Seasonal table and Kids room

Het Wol Feetje makes magical products for the seasonal table and the kids room. The illustrations of our wool paintings form the heart of our collection. Waldorf inspired, our products move with the seasons and nature. We want to reflect on the special and valuable moments throughout all phases of life. A birth, a birthday, but also the seasonal festivals and their symbolism have a special place in our growing collection. Our products are therefore wonderful to give as a birth gift or birthday present, to take with you and to grow, for a lifetime.

Who are we

Het Wool Feetje consists of Femke and Annefleur; two wives, two mothers, two girlfriends 25+ years. In Het Wol Feetje, we are able to join forces and let go in our own creativity. We are equal in our our way of live, to live consciously and feel connection to the world around us, with attention to beauty and detail. 
Where Femke's qualities lie in the operational part of Het Wol Feetje, Annefleur's qualities lie in the creative field. It feels like a gift to be able to call Het Wol Feetje our work! We hope you can feel the love we put into our products.

WIth love,

Annefleur en Femke✨

About Annefleur
My name is Annefleur and I live with my husband Chris in beautiful Naarden-Vesting. We are blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, Sofie and Lotte. My personal experiences, but also my experience in funeral care, have made me want to be at the center of life. I want to live from the realization that life is bigger than ourselves, and want to enjoy and learn from all tiny or big valuable moments. Anthroposophy has always attracted me, the warmth, the stories, the connection with life in a broader sense, nature, with each other. Needle felting came my way at a time when I needed it. Where words were sometimes at a loss, I could shape with my hands. Wool is warm, wool comforts, I still love it to this day, to shape feeling in tangible woolen paintings.

Needle felt art


About Femke

My name is Femke and I live with my husband and two children in Amsterdam. From the moment I met Annefleur I have felt a connection to her that I cherish. Over the past few years I have watched with admiration how she was able to turn grief back into love and gratitude. Her woolen paintings are a tangible result of this. Running the practical side of Het Wol Feetje is exactly what I like to do: the creative process of the products, the ever changing technology behind it and contact with the customers. It feels familiar and natural to do this with Annefleur. It is amazing to be able to share in Het Wol Feetje, which is such a part of who she is.