Magic Silhouettes

    With 5 silhouettes or more, an automatic discount of 10% is calculated!

    Experience the wonder of the seasons, immerse yourself in a world of fairy tales, and walk along through the most beautiful stories. Each Magic Silhouette tells a story in wool, soft and magical in light. The Magic Silhouettes are translucent plates with an image of my wool painting in which the colors, softness, and structures of the wool can almost be felt with the light behind it. Collect your Magic Silhouettes for all special moments. You can display your Magic Silhouettes in our Magic Lamp or the Magic Window Hanger and store them safely in our special storage box.

    In our ever-growing collection of Silhouettes, center stage are the symbolic and precious moments in life during birth, birthdays, and seasonal festivals.

    ✨ Family Traditions ✨ 

    Start or deepen your family tradition with the Magic Lamp. Waldorf-inspired, the Magic Lamp displays beautifully on the nature table, but also in your little one's bedroom. With every season, every special moment, and every phase of life, there is a Magic Silhouette to choose from. Filled with warm memories to cherish. The Magic Lamp is an original and special birth gift to take with you through life.